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Op-Ed Articles (selected)

February 9th 1999) The-other-side-of-the-Hashemite-coin. Haaretz Op-Ed

(July 5th 1999) Barak-must-start-from within. Haaretz Op-ED

(July 13th 1999) Nazareth-dispute-cries-out-for-attention. Haaretz Op-Ed

March 19th 2000) What-if-we-were-all-wrong about peace. Haaretz Op-Ed

October 5th 2000) More-force-is-not-the-answer. Haaretz op-Ed

October 10th 2000) Recognizing-the-original-sin. Haaretz Op-Ed

October 29th 2000) A-new-Kosovo. Haaretz Op-Ed

November 2nd 2000) The-virtue-of-common-sense. Haaretz OpED

November 11th 2000) A-new-consensus. Haaretz Op-Ed


November 23rd 2000) Belligerence-will-only-make-it-worse. Haaretz Op-Ed


January 25th 2001) Israel-in-the-twilight-zone. Haaretz Op-Ed


April 5th 2001) Refugees-issue-must-be-open-to-debate. Haaretz Op-Ed


April 25th 2001) Moving-the-goal-posts-for-Israel. Haaretz Op-Ed


May 29th 2001) Talk-of-expulsion-more-ominous-than-ever. Haaretz Op-Ed


June 12 2001) Or-commission-a-window-to-understanding. Haaretz Op-Ed


October 22 2001) Call-us-when-you-have-changed-your-thinking. Haaretz Op-Ed

May 5th 2002) Palestinian-protest-Alienated-silence-. Haaretz Op-Ed


June 11 2002) The-pregnant-road Highway 6th and Arab communities. Haaretz Op-Ed


August 20th 2002) A-self-fulfilling-prophecy. Haaretz Op-Ed

May 2nd 2003) Democracy-in-Iraq and Palestine. Haaretz Op-Ed

February 27 2004) The Warming Warning. Haaretz Op-Ed


June 10th 2004) The-masculine-March-of-Folly. Haaretz Op-Ed


June 30th 2004) Only-one-speaker-left-on-the-national-screen. Haaretz Op-Ed


July 22 2004) Whither-Arab-Israeli-parties. Haaretz Op-Ed


September 13th 2004) The-link-between-ecology-and-war. Haaretz Op-Ed


October 10th 2004) A-formative-attack. Haaretz Op-Ed


October 15th 2004) Crying-in-the-wilderness-Sinai. Haaretz Op-Ed


Ocotber 19th 2004) October 2000-revisited. Haaretz Op-Ed

January 7th 2005) Tsunami and the vulnerability of Underdeveloped Countries. Haaretz Op-Ed


February 2nd 2005: Speaking Tirelessly of Global Warming. Rabinowitz Op-Ed Haaretz  


May 26th 2005) Along-with-the-Star-of-David. Haaretz Op-Ed


July 11th 2005) G8 and Climate Change -Too-little-Too-Late. Haaretz Op-Ed


July 9th 2005) A-Different-View-of-Disengagement. Haaretz Op-Ed

June 8th 2006) Who-wants-to-invest-in-forests. Haaretz Op-Ed


June 19th 2006) Do-we-need-all-this-electricity. Haaretz Op-Ed


August 16th 2006) The-pitfalls-of-machismo. Haaretz Op-Ed


August 26th 2006) Planning-for-generations-to-come. Haaretz Op-Ed

June 5th 2007) What-day-is-today. Haaretz Op-Ed


June 27th 2007) Darfur-is-closer-than-ever. Haaretz Op-Ed


October 16th 2007) A-graying-Peres-goes-green for climate. Haaretz op-Ed.


October 31st 2007) The-police-dont-get-it. Haaretz Op-Ed

June 4th 2008) ‘Discovery’ of ‘Primordial Tribes’ in-the-Amazon. Haaretz Op-Ed


July 13th 2008) G8-Climate-Change-Joke. Haaretz op-Ed

July 29th 2009): As Baseless as it Gets. On Highway 6. Haaretz Op-Ed. 

July 2014): Bad-days-coming-Gaza. Haaretz Op-ED


July 2014) Gideon-Levy-barking-up-the-wrong-tree-Summer-2014-on-Gaza. Haaretz  Op-ED


July 23rd 2014): If-only-we-had-a-wise-and-brave-prime-minister. Haaretz Op-Ed 


July 2014) Suffering-in-Gaza. Haaretz Op-Ed

2015): Sara Netanyahu-environmental-heroine. Haaretz Op-Ed


November 3rd 2015)  Why the BDS Campaign Can’t Tolerate Israeli Moderates. Haaretz Op-Ed


November 14th 2015) Dan Rabinowitz’s response to Nadia Abu El-Haj on BDS. Mondoweiss.

July 2016) Erdan-and-the-BDS-connundrum. Haaretz Op-Ed

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