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Scientific Articles (selected)​

Rabinowitz, Dan (2000) Postnational Palestine/Israel?: Globalization, Transnationalism, and the Isreali- 

Palestine Conflict. Critical Inquiry, 26 (summer 2000):757-772.


Rabinowitz, Dan, Sliman Khawalde (2000) Demilitarized Then Dispossessed: The Kirad Bedouins of the Hula Valley in the Context of Syrian-Israeli Relations. International Journal of Middle East Studies Vol. 32:511-530.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2001) Natives With Jackets and Degrees: Othering, Objectification and the Role of Palestinians in the Co-Existence Field in  Israel. Social Anthropology Vol 9 no. 1:65-80.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2001) Strife in Nazareth: Struggle over the Religious meaning of Place. Ethnography Vol 2 no. 1: 93-113.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2001) The Palestinian Citizens of Israel, the Concept of Trapped Minority and the Discourse of Transnationalism in Anthropology. Ethnic and Racial Studies Vol. 24 1;64-85


Sliman Khawalde and Dan Rabinowitz (2002) Race from the Bottom of the Tribe that Never was: Segmentary Narratives amongst the Ghawarna of Galilee. Journal of Anthropological Research, Vol 58:225-243.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2002) Oriental Othering and National Identity: A Review of Early Israeli Anthropological Studies of Palestinians. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power Vol 9:305-325.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2003) Borders and Their Discontents: Israel’s Green Line, Arabness and Unilateral Separation. European Studies: A Journal of European Culture, History and Politics, Vol 19:217-231


Rabinowitz, Dan (2005) Belated Occupation, Advanced Militarization: Edward Said’s Critique of the Oslo Process Revised. Critical Inquiry, Vol. 31 no. 2 Winter 2005:505-511.


Rabinowitz, Dan and Daniel Monterescu (2008) Reconfiguring the “Mixed Town”: Urban Transformations of Ethnonational Relations in Palestine and Israel International Journal of Middle east Studies, Vol. 40 no 2:195–226


Rabinowitz, Dan (2010) The Right to Refuse: Abject Theory and the Return of Palestinian Refugees. Critical Inquiry, Winter 2010: 495-516.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2010) Ostrom, the Commons, and the anthropology of ‘earthlings’ and their atmosphere. Focaal Vol. 57:104-108.


Furani, Khaled and Dan Rabinowitz (2011). The Ethnographic Arriving of Palestine. Annual review of Anthropolgy, Vol. 40:474-491.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2012) Climate Injustice: CO2 from Domestic Electricity Consumption and Private Car Use by Income Decile. Environmental Justice 5(1): 38-46.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2012) Residual Residential Space as Commons. International Journal of the Commons, Vol 6 No. 2:302-318.


Rabinowitz, Dan (2013) In-country Disparities in Green House Gas Emissions and their Significance for Politicizing a Future Global Climate Pact. Theoretical Inquiries in Law, Vol 14 No 1:173-189


Rabinowitz, Dan (2014) Resistance and the City. History and Anthropology 25,4:472-487


Dan Rabinowitz (2015) Current Anthropology Comment on Emily McKee ‘s Trash Talk: Interpreting Morality and Disorder in Negev/Naqab Landscapes. Current Anthropology, Vol 56, No. 5:750-752


Dan Rabinowitz (2016) Current Anthropology Comment on Ulf Hannerz’s Writing Futures: An Anthropologist’s View of Global Scenarios . Current Anthropology, Vol 56 No 6: 816-818.


Dan Rabinowitz (2016) Response to Virginia Dominguez’s Preface: On Anthropology in Israel. American Anthropologist Vol 118 No. 1:150-152.

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